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Grinding is the finishing treatment of the surface of the material being ground using abrasive tools. The end result is a polished, large-dimensional and shaped surface with low roughness. The grinding process can be performed on surfaces, shafts or holes. Machines needed for this process are called grinders and tools for cutting are called grinding wheels. Grinding wheels are made of material such as diamond, corundum, boron carbide or silicon carbide.
Grinding can be divided according to the shape of the machined surface (rotary and non-rotary), clamping the workpiece in the machine tool (centre and centreless) and the position of the grinding wheel in relation to the workpiece (circumferential and face).
In terms of grinding services, our company offers flat grinding of shafts and holes as well as shape grinding. For our work we use conventional NC grinders, which guarantee accurate surface finish and precise machining of hard materials.