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Milling is a type of machining that involves separating a layer of material with a tool. The tool is called a milling machine. The machine makes a rotary motion, while the feed motion is made by the tool or the workpiece. The teeth of the milling machine digging into the material pulls off chips of varying thickness. Milling is used to process wood, metal and plastic.
Types of peripheral milling include:
cylindrical milling where the cutting edges of the cutter are arranged on a cylindrical surface
Shape milling, where cutting edges are arranged on the surface of a rotating solid with a complex outline.
We divide circumferential milling into:
counter-rotating: the cutting edge of the tool moves against the feed of the material
concurrent: the cutting edge of the tool moves in line with the material feed.
CNC milling centers for first-class milling. A HAAS vertical machining center reduces cycle times and increases productivity thanks to a high-speed spindle, smooth rapid movements and efficient tool changing. Modern milling centers allow you to expand the range of workpieces to be processed.